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A Simple Pinterest hack to find out who has pinned content from your Website.

Do you know who is pinning content from your website? What content are they pinning? How many times has it been pinned? It would be amazing if you knew this information, right? I am a big fan of Tailwind. It’s awesome when it comes to finding like-minded Pinners. Share each other’s content and create virality. […]

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Top 8 benefits of having a Pinterest Manager

Let’s face it Pinterest is booming. It is one of the top 5 social media platforms and if used correctly can bring in traffic to your website helping you build your brand and website. According to Mashable, 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user-generated. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google […]

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Top reasons for a business to be on pinterest

Top 7 Reasons to have your business/brand on Pinterest

It’s time to flex your digital marketing muscles and get your brand on Pinterest. “* Sigh * not another social media platform?”  is what you may probably be thinking. But let me be your voice of reason here and help you understand why you must be here. Make your brand meet more eyes: Every successful […]

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