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A Simple Pinterest hack to find out who has pinned content from your Website.

Do you know who is pinning content from your website? What content are they pinning? How many times has it been pinned? It would be amazing if you knew this information, right?

I am a big fan of Tailwind. It’s awesome when it comes to finding like-minded Pinners. Share each other’s content and create virality. But unfortunately, this tool doesn’t tell you who’s pinning what on your website. But do not worry today I am going to share with you a trick that I learned to solve this problem.

My easy Pinterest trick to know who pinned content from your site:

All you have to do is, on your web address bar insert:

Make sure you are not using the www in front of your website name. It’s as simple as that.


Let me explain this with an example:

Let’s say my website is And I want to find out who is pinning content from my website? This is what you need to type into your web address

Benefits of this Pinterest trick:

Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s say you have a blog and running an affiliate marketing business. Your competitors are constantly outdoing you on revenue, followers and website traffic. How do you outdo them? What if you could secretly pry on them and find out what content gets pinned the most from their website? With this trick, you can do the following advantages:

  • Be able to secretly watch your competitors favorite pinned content.
  • Optimize your content based on your competitor analysis.
  • Create an audience persona.
  • Promote pins that are doing organically well on your website.

Over to you:

If this tip was helpful, let me know if you come across any other benefits of this tip in the comments below. Oh! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, my pins are always insightful and bring lots of value. Thanks for reading. Bye!