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Top reasons for a business to be on pinterest

Top 7 Reasons to have your business/brand on Pinterest

It’s time to flex your digital marketing muscles and get your brand on Pinterest. “* Sigh * not another social media platform?”  is what you may probably be thinking. But let me be your voice of reason here and help you understand why you must be here.

  1. Make your brand meet more eyes: Every successful brand/business needs to have a loyal fan base to be successful. This is possible through Pinterest as users/fans will repin your content making it reach more eyes which will eventually lead to new traffic to your website, which in turn leads to more conversions and sales.
  2. Ever Green Content: Pins are like diamonds and they last forever. Great content has a longer shelf life and will be more viral as more people share it.
  3. Drives Traffic: Pinterest encourages people to click through and go to your website. Ergo, it is important to create content that your audience likes, which will lead to more traffic and traffic is a gooooddd thing.
  4. It is Free: Pinterest is a great platform for brands and businesses to meet their customers. Businesses pump in a ton of money for their marketing and advertising year on year. But Pinterest is free to use unless you use ads. Simple and great content can get people back to your site which is the biggest point anyway.
  5. Promoted Pins perform even after the campaign ends: This is true and as a marketer you must be cray-cray (crazy) to not leverage this.
  6. Pinterest is a visual medium: Humans are visual creatures. We devour anything that pleases our eyes.
  7. Lastly, facts about pinterest:
  • It is the no. 1 social media site for ecommerce sales followed by Facebook.
  • It is also the fastest social media site, growing at a rate of 400% month on month

I can go on and on about it. But I hope you are convinced. If you are here are the next steps

Next step 1: Self Manage your Pinterest account:

If you would like to succeed with your Pinterest efforts, the first logical step is to sign up to a good course out there so you don’t waste time. Some of the good courses our there are ProfitPinning by Cheryl Stinchcomb and Pinterest Presence by Kristin Larsen.

Next Step 2 : Allow me to manage your brand/business’ Pinterest account.

If you have your hands full but would like to leverage the power of Pinterest, no need to fret. You can hire me, and I will take this task off your hands. Click here to get started. 

And if you are not convinced I would encourage you to check out more articles about the benefits of pinterest.

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    All good reasons here. Pinterest is an engaged, powerful platform based on eye candy. And we all love eye candy 😉

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  • Great points, Pinterest is amazing, love the article!

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