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Top 8 benefits of having a Pinterest Manager

Benefits of having a pinterest manager

Let’s face it Pinterest is booming. It is one of the top 5 social media platforms and if used correctly can bring in traffic to your website helping you build your brand and website.

According to Mashable, 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user-generated. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google Plus, Youtube and Linkedin combined.

To make the optimal use of this visual platform it is important for you to know the ins and outs of this platform. That’s where a Pinterest Manager can help you succeed.

Here are the top 8 benefits you will get of hiring a Pinterest manager.


It’s all about strategy. You cannot expect your business to grow by just posting cute pins or memes on your account. Every account should follow a strategy. A Pinterest manager will draw out a strategy tailored to your business.

 2. Daily Tasks

There are many day-to-day tasks that a Pinterest manager takes care of you. From designing beautiful pins to making sure your pins are scheduled at the optimal time to get the most engagement. They also work on getting you in front of your relevant audience by joining group boards, create promoted pin campaigns and evaluating your Pinterest analytics. This helps you take care of other aspects of your business.

3. Run promoted pin campaigns

Worried about spending a lot of marketing, investing in Pinterest pays off long term. How? A well-designed pin campaign is not only cost-effective but also gives maximum results. A Pinterest manager helps you design a promoted pin campaign that does well even long after the campaign end date. A long-term benefit pin campaign helps to get relevant branding, repins and most importantly clicks to your website.

 4.Run a lean business

If you do not want to hire a full-time employee for managing your Pinterest account, you can opt to hire someone who works virtually. Thus helping you cut cost and invest more on developing and marketing your products. You can find many Pinterest managers that work virtually.  
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5. Multiple pinterest accounts

Do you have multiple Pinterest accounts for your business? A Pinterest manager uses tools that helps to cut corners and keep track multiple accounts. If you don’t have time to manage multiple accounts, consider hiring a someone who can help you grow you following while you can focus on your business.


Do you consider yourself a designer? Or even worse have little to no idea to design pins for your account. Do not worry! Pinterest managers have the required skills to design pins using Canva or Photoshop. Over time they have acquired a great design aesthetic working on multiple business accounts.

7. Pinterest expert

Open a business Pinterest account that can take your business to the next level. Pinning is just not enough to get traction for conversions on your website. You need an expert to help you make strategic growth to your account. A Pinterest manager will draw out a plan with the required costs involved and a timeline to achieve the desired results.

8. Time Saving

Last but not the least, you will be able to save critical time. A Pinterest manager will help you save time by managing and optimizing your accounts. Send out weekly or monthly reports for you to measure and scale up.


A wise man, once said, you should focus on three things for you to directly be involved and outsource the rest, so that way you can grow your business and also have time to enjoy your growth. We would love to help you with you Pinterest Management needs. We won’t force you to take up our services, we will just help you proceed with the right path for you. 

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